About John Krol
Realty World Top Producers was established with the goal of helping clients to increase and manage their personal wealth through the use of well-developed real estate investment strategies. Every strategy is designed to suit the unique objectives of each individual or family and is created to provide both immediate and long term returns for this and future generations.As a finance professional with more than 25 years of investment experience, I fully understand the role of real estate in the creation and management of personal wealth. It is this understanding that brought me to the state of Florida, where investors are rewarded with among the highest rates of growth in the country.

At Realty World Top Producers, our greatest asset is our staff, which is unique to the industry in regard to qualifications and experience. We do not ™mass recruit ™and only the select few work within our special environment.

In addition, Realty World Top Producers has a foreign national program, which enables us to help our U.S. clients take advantage of real estate opportunities abroad, and also to help customers from abroad purchase property in the United States in the most productive and efficient manner possible.

At Realty World Top Producers, we understand your investment goals and we want to help you achieve them. Contact me personally at 239-430-1700 for a no obligation consultation.

John Krol